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The right content for your RFP - Requirements & Areas of Concern

As we have seen in previous blog posts you now have your content contributors and probably you yourself also need to contribute to this content. But how do you get to the core of the project / issues?

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What is an Incremental Backup?

Data is the most powerful tool of an enterprise. Data backup and recovery plan is essential for any type of organisation to avoid accidental loss of important information. There are three basic types of backup technologies such as full, incremental and differential backup.

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How Safe Is A Chinese VPN Service?

People in China have no option than to use the Virtual Private Network services to break into the country’s “great firewall” to access some of their favourite recreational websites. However the unfortunate consequence of this evasion of censorship is much dangerous than expected. Recent research has proved that Chinese cyber spies have been using these VPN services to launch malicious operations in countries as far as the United States of America.

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The right content for your RFP - Storyboarding

You have your team of contributors, you have your timeline, ...
Now we need to get started on the content of your RFP.

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Wireless, Guests, Belgian Law and privacy policies

Living in Belgium I notice that there is still a lot of un-clarity around providing wireless access on the public domain and in the privacy policy that stipulates what can and can't be done.

In this blog post I will explain in some detail about what is required by Belgian Law and how you can make sure that you comply with those laws.

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Barracuda Launches CudaDrive, New Secure Cloud File Service with Virtual Drive and User Data Protection


  • Barracuda introduces CudaDrive, a flexible and secure cloud file service for businesses, delivered on desktops via local virtual drive, as well as mobile and web applications.
  • CudaDrive enables businesses to securely store, share, and access files from anywhere, and includes user data protection for endpoints, and the option to add an appliance for an easy transition from existing corporate file shares.
  • Unlike sync-only services, CudaDrive differentiates its desktop offering by not requiring that a file be synced locally to access it, helping to preserve valuable storage space.
  • CudaDrive pricing is simple, with plans available by storage capacity with unlimited users, rather than charging by seat or by user, a key differentiator for the solution


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The right content for your RFP - Timeline

So now you have your project, and you have a team of contributors. Now comes the time that you set a timeline as to when everything has to be set into place. 

Ask yourself these simple questions:

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The right content for your RFP - Persons of Interest

All too often, an RFP is the vision of a single person and this reflects in the way an rfp is written.

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The cofely Benelux activity report for you

Curious about all the projects we have accomplished with the Cofely group in 2014?  Have a look at the activity report.
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Aruba to release the all new 802.11ac wave 2 AP's

As 802.11ac is becoming the new standard for wireless implementations, the long-waited for Wave 2 of 802.11ac is finally ratified and Aruba launched its first new Wave 2 AP, the Aruba 320 Series.

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Getting the right content for your RFP


Almost all companies nowadays use some form of RFP (Request for Proposal) in order to obtain the best possible solution at the best possible price for a "need" that they have. But for the most part of the time, they end up with a solution that isn't focused on what they need or even want, but was the cheapest or just compliant because the "needs" weren't correctly addressed in the RFP.

Coming to a solution that you really need and actually want can be challenging.

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Hardware refresh for Barracuda Load Balancer ADC

The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC solution receives a Performance boost. Barracuda increases the performance across the Barracuda Load Balancer ADC product line without any price increases.

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