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Why Eric never uses free WiFi on vacation

Thinking about a vacation? Planning to use WiFi on vacation?

Before you pack, learn a lesson from Eric. Eric never uses WiFi on vacation.

But why?

Vacation is your time for relaxation, but your mobile devices will probably end up doing double duty. People love using their mobile devices to take pictures, shoot videos, and organize their itinerary – and Eric is no exception. After many years charging an arm and a leg for high-speed wireless Internet, more and more hotels are offering their guests free WiFi on vacation.

Hyatt Hotels have been doing it since 2015.

It’s an exciting time to be on holiday, right? Well, not so fast ...

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The 7 ways how Ransomware is delivered to you

Ransomware has quickly become one of the most serious IT security concerns of 2016. After netting hundreds of millions in untraceable ransom payments in 2015, this form of malware has grown at an unprecedented rate in 2016. Trend Micro, one of the leading names in IT security, recently issued a press release claiming it blocked over 100 million ransomware threats in the course of six months. A ransomware attack could soon be the most common form of “hack.”

A press release indicates that 99% of all blocked ransomware came from web or email traffic. However, it’s important to realize that a ransomware attack can come in many different forms. “Uncommon” threat vectors can be the most dangerous of all, especially during sophisticated “Day Zero” attacks that prey on uninformed and unsuspecting end users of the targeted network.

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"Zero Days" Is "War Games" Come To Life, And It's Scary

The documentary Zero Days mines the emergence and significance of the Stuxnet virus and dawn of modern cyber warfare.


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