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The right content for your RFP - Compliancy Matrix

A compliancy Matrix is a great tool to evaluate and give a score to all the proposals that you receive. And it also acts as a kind of checklist to verify that all your needs are addressed.

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The right content for your RFP - Requirements & Areas of Concern

As we have seen in previous blog posts you now have your content contributors and probably you yourself also need to contribute to this content. But how do you get to the core of the project / issues?

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The right content for your RFP - Storyboarding

You have your team of contributors, you have your timeline, ...
Now we need to get started on the content of your RFP.

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Wireless, Guests, Belgian Law and privacy policies

Living in Belgium I notice that there is still a lot of un-clarity around providing wireless access on the public domain and in the privacy policy that stipulates what can and can't be done.

In this blog post I will explain in some detail about what is required by Belgian Law and how you can make sure that you comply with those laws.

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The right content for your RFP - Timeline

So now you have your project, and you have a team of contributors. Now comes the time that you set a timeline as to when everything has to be set into place. 

Ask yourself these simple questions:

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The right content for your RFP - Persons of Interest

All too often, an RFP is the vision of a single person and this reflects in the way an rfp is written.

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Getting the right content for your RFP


Almost all companies nowadays use some form of RFP (Request for Proposal) in order to obtain the best possible solution at the best possible price for a "need" that they have. But for the most part of the time, they end up with a solution that isn't focused on what they need or even want, but was the cheapest or just compliant because the "needs" weren't correctly addressed in the RFP.

Coming to a solution that you really need and actually want can be challenging.

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