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7 Reasons Why Barracuda NextGen Firewall Is Right for Your Cloud Security

If you're an IT professional for a company that's starting to migrate to the cloud, or you already have significant resources dedicated to platforms like Amazon Web services or Microsoft Azure, you're aware how important security and reliability is to your organization. Unfortunately, traditional firewall tools on your local network can't protect applications or data your company has on the cloud, so finding a security solution that's adapted to the new way you're doing business is essential. That's why the Barracuda NextGen Firewall version 7.0 might be the right product to meet those needs.

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What is an Incremental Backup?

Data is the most powerful tool of an enterprise. Data backup and recovery plan is essential for any type of organisation to avoid accidental loss of important information. There are three basic types of backup technologies such as full, incremental and differential backup.

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